Oh, you crazy vegans.

I had a seriously tasty peanut butter cookie yesterday, and I felt holy the whole time I was eating it.

Why? Because it was a vegan cookie. If I could just wave a magic wand, I would become a vegan. Vegans are cool. They have a whole philosophy about eating that is based on taking better care of the earth. I like that in people. And I’ve found that vegans are also a little more crazy focused than the vegetarians, and I appreciate the crazy.

The problem is, I love me some In-n-Out. And eggs, Lord have mercy. And don’t get me started on CHEESE. I have feelings for cheese more intense than a person should have for an inanimate object.

Please don’t get mad at me, vegans. I’m going to eat your freaking delicious cookies and hang with you in theory. And I’ll try not to hit the In-n-Out too often.


3 Responses to Oh, you crazy vegans.

  1. Doug says:

    I’m the husband – I have to admit culpability in the food department. Any spoken sentence that begins with the word “In” I automatically interpret as a mandate to head for In-N-Out. And cheese….don’t get me started!

    Tasha has become dear to me and the kids. She’s the only dog I’ve ever seen who cleans her face like a cat. Our theory is she was raised among cats and has a species identity disorder.

    I’m so happy you are writing; I know you are going to bless so many people just by sharing what’s inside your heart.

  2. megandel1 says:

    It’s OK honey. Our shared love of In-N-Out will see us through!

    And thank you! YKTILY

  3. papa_rod says:

    In-N-Out! Now I know why it’s so easy for me to go at least vegetarian! There are no In_n_Outs here but there is Dick’s in Seattle which is fairly close to it but not quite. I miss In-N-Out but I guess it’s all for the better that I don’t live near one.

    Seriously, In-N-Out does beautiful things with a dead cow and grilled onions. ;-] Maybe one day I’ll be strong enough to follow in your veggie footsteps!

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