A clear sign of my mental illness

Hello, people who read my blog. I know who some of you are (hi Dad! hi Shauna!), but I don’t think I know all seven of you.

There is a thing that wordpress has called “Blog Stats.” I like to call it, “another way to torture myself.”

See, lately I’ve been struggling with feeling like a failure. “Lately” being the last year or so. I’m doing much better, thank you, and I’m learning that “success” is maybe a) not the most important thing in the universe and b) maybe not measured by other people but by me and God.

But, here comes Blog Stats to point out that I am still mentally ill, still needing to be GOOD at EVERYTHING. IMMEDIATELY.

I have had this blog for seven days. One week. One day, for no reason that I can see, I had 28 hits. I was so excited. Twenty-eight! How cool is that.

However. After that one happy day, a day where I received the outward approval of Blog Stats, a day when Blog Stats told me I was doing well. . . err . . .um. . .it never got anywhere near that number again. To say I was crushed would be an exaggeration. But not much.

So, Blog Stats, I just want you to know that I see you for who you are, you punk. Quit trying to steal my fun! You’ve been warned.


4 Responses to A clear sign of my mental illness

  1. Troy says:

    What a great way to keep in touch with everyone!! Love the idea of a blog. Wish I had time to post one myself but I can hardly keep up with the “eBay” end of online activity. But I will certainly make time to read all of your postings and enjoy every one of them. The pictures are great too. See you Sunday!

  2. megandel1 says:

    Thank you Troy! Looking forward to seeing you both on Sunday!

  3. dustus says:

    I read a few of your posts and appreciate your wit. Look forward to reading more.
    A. Dustus

  4. You need to get a facebook page – add your friends and then let them know you have a blog. Your numbers are sure to go up, up, up and away. Also – when you mention someone in your post – let them know – they’ll brag to their friends! You’ll make them famous! Unless you’re saying something not so nice – in that case it’s better not to kiss and tell. Good luck w/your blog – I am new to this too and watching the stats is more fascinating than the stock market.

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