Wheat toast and prayer

Earlier this evening, I was writing a post about ministry and me. It was going to be riveting. It was going to explain some things to my new innernets friends, and my old friends too. It was going to rock, peoples. However. Several things have gotten in my WAY.

My server was down, so when I went to save what I HAD written, it disappeared. These things happen. Honestly, at that point, I did not freak out. It was fresh in my head. I started over, but now (an hour later) nothing, but nothing, is coming out. I have blogstipation. I’m getting cross, and the crosser I get, the more I sense that something is missing. . . I’m a little out of order. . .and I know why.

I didn’t pray yet today. At least, not really. I’m not counting small prayers of thanks for my meals, when I pray for relief from pain for the dog, or for a peaceful spirit to rest on the children. I mean real prayer, where a person sits with God and has something like a conversation.

I’ve noticed time and again that prayer is like breakfast for me. I never, ever, ever skip breakfast. I need those morning calories to get me going. There have been days when the only thing that got my sorry butt out of bed was the thought of French toast. Likewise, I should never, ever, ever skip prayer. Especially morning prayer. But I do.

And I’ve noticed, over the years, that if I have a breakfast that is heavy on the tasty but not so heavy on the healthy, I don’t feel so great later in the morning. And I confess freely and openly that there have been days that I believed brownies and milk were a perfectly acceptable breakfast. On the other hand, if I have some nice whole wheat toast, or even (!) some sprouted-grain bread (like the amazing Ezekiel bread), I feel much better as noon approaches. It’s the same with prayer. Some good, healthy, real time with the living God is nourishment for the soul. And yet I insist on refusing to feed myself sometimes. It is spiritual anorexia, and it is sad.

So peoples, I am sorry. I have no brilliant post about my vida loca in ministry and why I am not currently serving God’s people in a church-like scenario. You all know what I need to go do.

Make me some dang spiritual wheat toast.


5 Responses to Wheat toast and prayer

  1. Billy Chia says:

    I think this is a pretty cool post. I way feel ya on the spiritual anorexia. My wife and I have been praying together more now and it’s been awesome.

  2. Troy says:

    Talking about “deja vu”. My server went out a couple of days ago and I thought it was my computer! I goofed up and ran PC Recovery instead of getting an old registry. Too late, I found out that it was my server and not my computer! Have spent the last couple of days “fixing” problems that were caused by my hastiness–still don’t have any sound. Went to church and wouldn’t you just know it! Our pastor had a sermon that was directed at me—oh yes, it was!! Topic–“Dropping it down a notch”. For more info, take a look at our church’s website;


    I think maybe I ought to take that advice!

    Loved our visit & Black Angus meal!


  3. Troy says:

    Sorry!!! See, I’m still in too much of a hurry!! Wrong website! Should have been:



  4. Megan says:

    Hey Billy:
    Thanks! It is so awesome when we can pray with somebody. It makes a huge difference when a household prays together, too. I’ve lived in houses where people prayed together, and ones where we didn’t. Let’s just say. . . the prayerful houses were about a hundred times more welcoming & peaceful.

  5. Megan says:

    It STILL surprises me when I show up to church and the sermon is written exac-i-taly for ME!

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