My fabulous vocational life, post-seminary

Yesterday I had an interview with a very nice lady who wants to hire me to tutor her kid in reading and math. I’ve been a tutor for many years, and I love doing it, so most of the interview was actually fun, talking about how I work with kids who struggle academically, stuff like that.

Then she asked me about my educational background. I told her that I recently graduated from seminary.

“Oh!” she said, “That’s wonderful!”

Then she said, “So. . .you’re tutoring now?”

Yes, nice lady. I’m tutoring now. I’m going to teach your daughter how to read and do multiplication. I will be doing that instead of preparing a sermon on Amos, or leading a Bible study, or using my mad Greek or Hebrew skills to explore some burning theological question.

Nice lady, I don’t know how I ended up in this situation, so I can’t explain it too well to you. I could tell you that the church that has my heart doesn’t seem too interested (and never has) in using my abilities. But we just met, nice lady. It doesn’t seem appropriate to tell you that I have wept and prayed over this situation to the point where I’ve just set it down at Jesus’ feet now. (OK, I just realized that I can tell that to the whole innernets, but not this nice lady, but whatever. Moving along.)

So this is what I said to the nice lady. “I really like tutoring. As for the seminary stuff, I guess it will work itself out.”

Honestly, my innernets friends, I felt like a doofus saying something like that. I still feel embarassed when I have to tell someone that this is my situation. Even someone I don’t know! I trust God to use me where I am and in what I do, but it still breaks my heart to not be serving in a church-esque scenario anymore.

Today I’m asking God to help me see creative and non-traditional ways of serving the body of Christ and His world. I am refusing today sit in a state of calling myself doofus for going to seminary. This is my fabulous vocational life! Multiplication tables and. . . something To Be Determined.


6 Responses to My fabulous vocational life, post-seminary

  1. Doug says:


    Your response over the past year to your vocational struggles is a testament to the work the Holy Spirit can do in our lives. I have seen the change up close, in how you have been willing to set down what you thought God’s proper plan for your life should be. You’re a blessing to each of your students and helping equip them for life in ways you perhaps couldn’t be if you had that ministry position you envisioned.


    Hey guy. Thank you for this. . .I know I’ve been in the desert sometimes about this, and kind of noisy in the desert. But you’re right, the HS has been at work all along.
    -Meg, YW

  2. shauna says:

    Dear Sister D,
    This is not the end of the story. I know this has been hard. Humility is a big fat MF. And you, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Things are beginning to shift, can you see that? I know, no cool job etc. BUT! steps are being taken…I can see it.
    the board


    Dear The Board:
    You are right, humility, schmumility. And amen, amen, this is not the end of the story. For me or for many other peoples I know. . .
    BTW, what do you think – better to answer comments in the body of the original comment or better to leave a separate comment. Seriously, I am sick of my picture all over the place. LMK WYT, K?

  3. Billy Chia says:

    “I have wept and prayed over this situation to the point where I’ve just set it down at Jesus’ feet now.”

    Right before reading this post my wife an I were having a talk about “What happens when you pray and don’t get what you want?”

    Jesus’ feet is a good place to be in that situation.

  4. owen59 says:

    I have worked on the premise, ‘trust is God’ and the rest will be answered. Probably with the corollary of getting out there and working to the best you can. What some might call ‘opportunity favours the prepared’. Preparation is what you do so God can guide you. You’ll do okay.

  5. Troy says:

    Hi Megan,
    Have you considered the internet as a venue for sharing some of your sermons, biblical lessons, commentaries, sermon vignettes, or whatever the proper term might be for the written version of your calling? I know it isn’t the same as pastoring a church and there wouldn’t be a “salary” (per se) but I, for one, would really enjoy reading some of your “sermons” that I know are stored up there in that fantastic brain of yours!!! I have quite a few more suggestions (or ideas) that I will talk to you about when next I see you.

  6. Miguel says:

    Hi Megan,

    The other day my wife and were talking about being in the middle of the will of God. I think the Christian-Subculture has taught us that when you are in the middle of the will of God there is peace, there is a place were you feel satisfied, that everything is working out. There is the classical phrase: “if you have peace is from God”. Well even though all this is true, imagine Joseph after his brothers sold him, what about Moses when he killed the Egyptian, or Ruth following her mother in law, what about Peter saying “no” to Jesus, or even Jesus going to 40 days in the desert?. Do you think all these people were in the will of God? I do think so. So we can be in a dry place, in an uncertain situation, and still be in the middle of the will of God. Megan there is more than being paid to do ministry, and I am telling you as a pastor who has been paid for the last six years to do ministry. There is more of ministry outside of the walls of the church. There is ministry in the coffee shop, in the bookstore, in the library and let me tell you sometimes getting paid to do ministry makes me sick!!! because I want to serve Christ as a response of what He has done for me, out of love, in selfsacrife. I know it is really hard, but my prayer will be that you can see beyond what your physical eyes can see. May you find yourself at the feet of Jesus in the middle of this uncertain time.

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