Jesus, I love you, and I love my cute Bible too

I did not grow up “in the church,” as they say.

And when I did finally find my way to church, I landed first in a pretty liberal corner of it – a corner that in many ways was very kind to me. However, when I found the Evangelical, Bible-loving, crazy-worship corner of the church, that’s when I knew I was home.

There were lots of strange things in this new Christian sub-culture that I had never encountered.

One of them was the preponderance of the personalized Bible. In most liberal churches, people don’t tote Bibles around with them that are full of sticky notes, wrapped in leather or otherwise decorated. In the Evangelical universe, however, this is de riguer.

When I got to seminary, all the cool kids had their Bibles that their home churches, godparents, best friends, husbands, wives, Bible study class, confirmation class, or whatever had given them. Me? I had this GINORMOUS NRSV* hardback Bible. It was the first Bible I ever bought, when God first found me. It was heavy. And totally uncool. I felt like a complete dork. My boyfriend at the time took pity on me and bought me a sweet little Bible, in soft leather, embossed with my name in gold. I loved that Bible to death. Then it got left in my old convertible with a leaky roof and got totally soaked. So, this is the replacement Bible in this picture.


That’s my Bible, in green, with the awesome daisy on it. That’s my BFF’s Bible in the fabulous pink. That’s the worship team warming up on stage at church.
What can I say? I love God’s word, and I love my cute Bible too. Of course, if the only way I could get God’s word was by reading it off old wooden planks, I would still be happy. But you gotta admit, these Bibles are purty dang purty.

*edited: NRSV is New Revised Standard Version.  The Daisy Bible is NIV, or New International Version.


2 Responses to Jesus, I love you, and I love my cute Bible too

  1. sara says:

    dude, OMG–I was just going to email you that I left my bible out in the backyard and it got rained on all last night…and this morning! i was going to ask “what does that mean???” (other than that i’m a heathen, i knew that). somehow it’s comforting to hear that rain has gotten to one of your bibles too!

  2. missionseeker says:

    Had a dream, just this morning, that my son and I were on our way to church services, in the old car. The old car which I was driving, stopped, I got out and walked. Some man yelled and said, your son is still in the car. I turned and went back, got him out and grabbed him in my right hand, and grabbed the car in my left and dragged the car down the road to a place where there was a big slot like opening in the road (toaster style). We started slidding, my car in the left hand, me in the middle and my son still holding him in the right hand, and we slid down into this opening in the road. Then we slid down a ramp into this warehouse wall-ed room place that emptied into a lake. The lake was green, dank, cold. The car suddenly let go out of my hand and slipped off the edge of this dock, into the dank cold green water. I desparingly went to the office with my son and told them of the demise of my car and said, oh well that old thing can stay down there at the bottom of the lake, then I realized, I was on my way to church and my bible, my favorite, marked, highlighted, old, best, in loving memory of grandma passing in1979, once zippered now broke and peeled away, patched with ducktape, and recovered with kitchen contact paper Bible was still on the seat inside that car. So, rent me a crane, or get me a scubba suit, and a flashlight, I’m going fishing. Then I woke up.

    Thank God it was just a dream. I told my son about it and he said mom, why couldn’t you can just buy another bible? (God bless America) And I said not one already read and marked like this one. This is the first time I have ever had a dream about my bible.

    One of my sister’s-in-J.C. at ladies bible study saw my bible and said “Don’t you think it is time for a new bible? and I said “NO WAY”. P.S. Besides, my O.T. pages still need more work. Give Me My Bible Holy Message Shinning.

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