Oh, you crazy google peoples

I cannot resist sharing the google searches that landed people on my blog in the past 48 hours.

My favorite is “tangible fish tank.” Tangible? Because, I don’t know, there are fish tanks that are not tangible? Those crazy, imaginary, intangible fish tanks.

My second favorite is “I hate you but I love you too.”

Google searcher, I feel your pain. Everyone has been in love with someone, while at the same time hating their guts. It is, after all, how I feel about Wheat Thins. I hope my Wheat Thins diatribe brought you some comfort and made you feel like you are not alone.

And the third favorite: “Smelly old dog.”

Indeed. Yes. She is smelly. She is old. At this very moment, as I type this, she is panting on me, and her breath is burning my nostrils. It is repulsive.

But I still loooove her.


My Tasha Bunkis Head, who sleeps in the flower bushes. I can’t wait for someone to search “Bunkis Head.”


3 Responses to Oh, you crazy google peoples

  1. corisa says:

    tasha is toooo cute! is that a flower on her head :)

    C – of course that is a flower on her head. She sleeps IN the flower bushes! Because she is totally sane like that!

  2. reallifeinsc says:

    It’s almost scary the things people search for. I just saved a list of some amusing searches on my blog. I’ll have to respond to some of them, like you did. (Great idea!)

  3. […] was led to my site through a Google search, my stats tell me the terms of that search.  (See this hilarious post by Megan at I Prefer Uphillfor more on the Google search […]

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