“I’m about to bless you with this next song”

Doesn’t that sound like something a worship leader might say when she or he is getting ready to teach the church a new song? Or maybe even a line in a worship song?

Yes, it does sound like it could be those things. But it was not! No, no. I heard about this blessing last night, as I was watching Sucker Free Latino. One L. Boogs (el host) told me he was going to bless me with the next song. Well, Mr. Boogs. I almost fell off my couch, because, although I’m sure you don’t know about it, I just wrote recently about Sucker Free Countdown being a blessing to me. And there you are, using the same word! Blessing! Me!

Now, Mr. Boogs, I’m sure you will never, ever read this, and definetely your bosses won’t read it either. But seriously. Gente. If you are going to call something Sucker Free Latino, por favor. Could it please be sucker free? The songs kind of sucked. Y dios mio! Los commerciales! I think there was on average one commercial break (with three minutes or more) for each song. This is precisely how to make someone feel like a sucker for watching your show. Gracias a Dios for TiVo, because otherwise, olvidalo.

And some of the songs. Seriously. I’m a girl who loves, loves, loves Latino music, of all stripes. There is a LOT of good stuff out there. And the Tego Calderon you played was dope. But really. Most of the rest was muy, muy aburrido, bro.

Nevertheless. For a few minutes I got to dance around the living room while the children were all tucked in bed, so I guess you did end up blessing me. Even if I did have to dance with the remote in my hand to fast-forward through all the crap. Que Sucker.


6 Responses to “I’m about to bless you with this next song”

  1. wait? do you speak Spanish? ¿hablas español? ¿no?, I would like for you to read the post of today, I think you will agree with me that sometimes we are stuck….pero no es malo!! es bueno! I am a stuck Christian!! yeah!!! Gracias Dios. You are going to like it: http://www.uncomplicatedspirituality.wordpress.com

    Repira Dios, Breat God!!

  2. Megan says:

    Si Miguel, hablo. (badly, pero hablo!) Me encanta el idea que podemos a veces ser “stuck” y NO ES MALO! Que linda.

  3. Megan, felicidades por hablar Español. El Español es un idioma muy bonito. Entonces no solo puedes empezar una Iglesia en Inglés sino tambien en Español. ¿Sabes? Nosotros en Connection estamos orando para tener otro pastor bilingüe pero que sea Americano. Estoy sorprendido al saber que hablas nuestro idioma.

    Respira Dios, Breath God!

  4. reallifeinsc says:

    I really didn’t know how to comment on this one, except that I keep picturing you dancing around the living room with a remote control in your hands…while the kids are secretly watching you and gigging. :) heh heh. I have a little bit of an imagination though!

  5. LBOOGS says:

    sucker frre latino is the best show ever keep watching as we bless you with videos you love

  6. Megan says:

    MR. L. BOOGS!!! Is that YOU?
    I can’t believe Mr. Boogs is reading my blog. I think I have to go now. . .and watch more sucker free latino!! Thanks for the blessings, sucker free! Love you guys!

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