Moth bites!

I don’t know how this happened to me. But I have a moth infestation. Dozens of moths appear every day in the kitchen. It is icky. This is the second time it has happened. The first time was in my last house. So I assume it is me.

Moths don’t sound so bad, do they? But. . .what about moth LARVAE?? Now, that, my friends, is gross. I won’t tell you where I’ve found them, but found them I have. Obviously, I throw out anything that I ever find that has evidence of moths or moth potential, but they are still here. It troubles me. It troubles me greatly. What does it all mean, all the moths? Where is Mothra?

This morning my husband and I were laying in bed talking. He said something funny and I laughed, which was dumb, because as soon as the kids hear me laugh, they come on in. (I am incapable of laughing quietly. Ask anyone.) First Bee came in, “Good morning!” How one person can be that cute in the morning is beyond me. Then, “Can I get in the bed with you?” Really, how could you say no to that. Then, the cat gets on the bed. A few minutes later, C finally comes in and sits on the bed. We are now five beings on one bed. C says, “I think I have a moth bite!” Look! And holds up his arm and shows an invisible (to the rest of us) “moth bite.”


“Mothra must be commanding them!” says my husband.

C is laughing now, but still trying to garner sympathy for the “moth bite.” “Look! Really!”

Bee asks, “Can moths really bite you?”

I guess this is how kids get confused about life. Too much ridiculousness too early in the morning.


3 Responses to Moth bites!

  1. shauna says:

    I blame this infestation on Venice and no more shall be said about THAT. dude, I was hoping we left those suckers at GD, but apparently not. eeewww.

  2. Let me share what I post in my blog….thank you for your realness Megan….it inspires me to keep being real as a minister….

    I read this in one of the blogs I like, Yes, I prefer uphill : “*In my old Bible study, we were going to have T-shirts made that said, “Pharisaic Bitches From Hell.” We realized that as much as we wanted to be good and follow Jesus, we kept acting like Pharisees at least half of the time. The “from hell” part wasn’t maybe the best theology, but we thought it was funny. Actually, I still think it’s funny. But I also still laugh when someone farts.”

    I laughed so hard when I read this because, how much real this can be? not a lot. I think I will get the idea and also make t-shirts for Connection: “Pharisaic Christian…..most of the time thou, and I still fart”. Don’t you think it will be so funny? then in front of the t-shirt the logo of the congregation. I remember a friend of Jeff from Poets that said: “sometimes the Church needs to be shocked”. I am tired of trying to be polite and to be expected to speak properly, specially around Church people…nah!! Let’s be real! Paula(my wife) can let you know that with her I am extremely real on my way I talk, sometimes too explicit. We need to start praying the prayer of Saint Alejo (sorry but I cannot explain this prayer to you unless is by phone, e-mail or in person). I did explain it to my friend John in Smithville, he and his wife have adopted the prayer. It is just about being real!!!! …and yes I am a pedorro!!!

  3. sara says:

    how does the situation stand these days?? heed my story of having to evacuate before it’s too late!

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