Maybe *I* am America’s TOP PSYCHIC (The Economist and God)

OK. Confession time. I confess that I TiVo’d and watched America’s Top Psychic. I also confess that I made my best friend watch it with me. She was embarrassed on my behalf. I’m sorry. I’m embarrassed too. But I couldn’t help myself. Something so fabulously crazy deserves to be seen.

But, there was a person missing in their show: ME!

Remember when I wrote about how The New Yorker and the Economist sometimes write about God and faith?  That was October 25th.  And lo and behold, I received my new Economist (the Nov. 3-9th 2007 issue) on November 2, and ON THE COVER:

“The New Wars of Religion: An 18-page special report on faith and politics.”

America’s Top Psychic, you left me out!  18 whole pages on the topic I just wrote about in my blog!  Sure, I didn’t actually predict that there would be such an issue, but, come on, I must have been tapped into The Economist zeitgeist or something!  I want a prize!

Of course, as usual, the articles are well written, thoughtful and chock-a-block with facts and history.  (Not to be a pill, but why is there never ANY writing like this in, say, Christianity Today?)  The Economist balks at very little.  They write about the percent of Pentecostals who have received direct revelations from God (54% in the US, 64% in Nigeria, 20% in South Korea); violence and faith (comparing Ahmadinejad’s and Oliver Cromwell’s rhetoric) and lots more, including a fascinating piece on religion in India.

If you’re even the tiniest bit curious about how those of us who think we are God’s people act in public life, get yourself to your nearest library or geeky friend and read this issue.

Maybe YOUR psychic abilities to predict magazine topics will begin to percolate!  I know.  Pretty exciting.


2 Responses to Maybe *I* am America’s TOP PSYCHIC (The Economist and God)

  1. Megan says:

    NaNoWriMo-esque Word Count so far: 7,579. Is many words, people.

  2. shauna says:

    only because we are best friends did I sit through that show. and I think I was quite gracious…for me…HAHA! the cake made it all worthwhile.
    glad you are cranking out the words…you go!

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