Hanging out with family. . .and DSL!

I’m down in Sandy Eggo county with my husband and my step-kids, visiting Grammy and Grandpa and their FABULOUS DSL CONNECTION!  Yes, we still are only with dial-up chez nous.  The DSL guru has not gotten back to us yet.

It’s nice to have in-laws that one likes to visit.  I know not everybody is blessed with such a situation, and I know enough to be grateful that I have such warm and welcoming in-laws.  I’m a bit sad to miss going to night church with my BFF, but I’m trying not to dwell.  I’m going to make a quick and dirty list of ten things that I’m grateful for today (in no particular order):

I have nice in-laws.

I have a BFF in Shauna, without whom I don’t know WHAT I would do.

A nice neighbor agreed to watch all of the pets – dog, cat and fish –  for us, free! (Thanks Holly!)

My husband. 

Christmas music!

One of my tutoring clients has been making remarkable progress in school.

Vitamins.  I feel so much better after having started taking vitamins.  I like me my vitamins.

That BBC, the cat that used to hiss and not let you touch him has turned into the most awesome house cat ever, who loves to be petted and purrs like a maniac.

The weather has been cool in Cali for three whole precious days.

That I got to go out last night and talk about theology and life with two super smart friends.

Life is so wierd without internet.  I depend on it for so many things now that I hardly know how to run my day-to-day life without it.  Everything from the mundane (bills) to the meaningful (emails) takes place there. Sigh.  One day it will be back.  One day.


2 Responses to Hanging out with family. . .and DSL!

  1. CJ says:

    I know what you mean about not having internet. We lost power this morning from all the wind and storms. Electricity returned an hour or two later but it took most of the day for the modem to start working again.

  2. Carol Del says:

    Having just been reconnected to the rest of the world with a DSL line – after 5 weeks! – I sympathize. Living in a foreign country with nothing but a local phone stinks even worse. Actually paid $25 dollars for a single day on-line at a hotel. My justification was that a single call to the States would put me out that much.

    And I am not in a third world country.

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