Pick up your faith spoon

I am at the public library in my town, trying to type as fast as I can, because I just got off work and it is 8:36 and the computer lab shuts at 8:45, but I am a VDB (Very Determined Blogger.) Lack of internet access shall not stop ME from posting.

Over the past few days, as I’ve been living my own little life of faith, I’ve been finding God sending me little postcards, letters and notes through strange little avenues. The day before yesterday, for example, I was watching this pastor preach on TV. I don’t know much about this Pastor Scott, but her Greek kicks ass. She was preaching about how the promises that God makes to all the characters in Biblical history also apply to us, here and now. She was reading a story about Hezekiah. This is how Pastor Scott rolls. She will preach the most beautifully obscure passages, which I totally love about her. I’ve also seen her preach on stuff that people have preached into the ground, and she’ll bring something fresh to it. She is like the poster child for seminarians REALLY learning Greek, not just faking it, like most of them did in my experience.

In any case, God has been keeping my faith fed in the past days with little things like this, but it has been reminding me how much I need to get my own head back into reading the Bible on my own. As my favorite pastor says, people of faith need to learn how to pick up a spoon and feed themselves the word, not rely on others to spoon feed them.

So this is a public reminder to myself that it is hard for God to be speaking to me through His Word (which is ALIVE, peoples) if I never spend no time in that Word. It is time for me to pick up my faith spoon and open up my cute daisy Bible more often.

Amen. (two minutes to spare. . .)


4 Responses to Pick up your faith spoon

  1. Jason Miller says:

    Actually, her Greek is atrocious. See my blog for a demonstation of the fact that she doesn’t know Greek worth crap.

  2. Megan says:

    Hey Jason. I’m only able to be on the innernets for a few mins at a time, but when I get my DSL back, I’ll totally check out your blog. My Greek is only decent, so maybe I am unduly impressed with the things she does with the genitive!

  3. shauna says:

    well its possible her Greek is bad…I would not know since my knowledge of any language outside of English (with the exceptions of a few nice nicknames for the bbc) is exactly ZERO. but I still think the main point of this post is v.v. good. Its not possible for God’s Word to be speaking to us if we are not listening, reading and spending time with our nose in the book. Like all relationships, our relationship with God takes time, real time…not just half assed sort of listening while doing something else time. Or expecting someone else to put in our time for us. That is not how Love works:)
    hurry up with the DSL. I have so many funny things to send links to, but no one to read them.

  4. reallifeinsc says:

    I was just thinking about this last night – I need to pick up my spoon more often too.

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