Dear Very Nice Mac Verizon Expert in Tijuana


Yes, you, Mr. Tijuana Verizon help line guy. You stayed on the phone with me for almost 45 minutes, helping me set up my DSL and router. You were sweet and helpful, and now I am back in the land of the innernets living!

You cannot imagine how happy this makes me, Mr. T Verizon. I was getting very lonely for the rest of the blogosphere.

Hi everybody! I IS BACK! Back with more stories about sucker free countdown, wheat thins and Jesus.


4 Responses to Dear Very Nice Mac Verizon Expert in Tijuana

  1. you have been posted in my blog for the second time…wow you are getting famous…the only thing I forget is where do I get how many words do you need to write for the book and I couldn’t remember the exactly number….how many words were it?

  2. and by the way, BIENVENIDA!! Welcome back!!

  3. shauna says:

    yea! now I can send ridiculous links! and long, whiny emails! photos of my redneck husband! can’t wait to read some new posts…I’m always checking…anything new yet?? xoxo

  4. reallifeinsc says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading more posts about Wheat Thins! After all, Wheat Thins are what made me decide I liked you and your blog when I first happened upon it!

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