15,423 Words

Miguel asked me how many words I’ve written so far on my psuedo-NaNoWriMo project.  The past week has been the worst, as I’ve barely written a thousand words all week.  I decided I would take a few days off when I was visiting my in-laws, and then I just never got back on the path.  Sigh.  I should be somewhere around 27,000.

Hopefully more will come today and in the weeks that remain.   Even though I am pathetically behind, it is still amazing (for me!) to see that I have 33 pages of words all in one document. I am sure Annie Dillard writes 33 pages in two days, but I am not Annie Dillard, so that is OK.


One Response to 15,423 Words

  1. 700 words….I am walking towards writing a book….wow!!!

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