But, did you know I was Wesleyan?

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a cool reminder that the under-prepared, devout and slightly clueless Pilgrims were smiled on not only by God but also by good people who took pity on them. Of course, there were a lot of Pilgrims who didn’t make it to the feast, but we don’t talk about that much. In any case, Thanksgiving is a good holiday. I like it. But, I’m not one who needs turkey and family to have it be fabulous. I’ve had awesome Thanksgivings in wierd places with odd foods – a bus trip in Africa one year and salmon in D.C. another year stand out in my memory. This one was nice: just my husband, me and my BFF having burgers and pumpkin chiffon pie. Yum. (Oh, and a stop at the H’s house for leftovers and gabbing.)

But best of all – it’s nice to have four whole days off with very little to do – time to relax, read and goof off.

In the spirit of goofing off, I took two quizzes on the innernets.

The first quiz I took was designed to tell you what sort of theological worldview you possess. (The second was to answer “what theologian are you?” I am Anselm, evidently!)

Apparently, I am a Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan. I know that I went to seminary and all, but I’m not sure what that means, exactly.

The quiz explained it this way:

“You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God’s grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which God has called us. You are influenced heavily by John Wesley and the Methodists.”

I’m totally in agreement, until we get to the last bit about John and the Methodists. If I’m heavily influenced by them, they must have been talking to me in my sleep. I’m afraid I haven’t read more than 10 pages of Wesley’s stuff; and I can’t say I’ve even dropped in on a Methodist church, ever. (Which, considering how many churches I’ve been to, is a little wierd.)

Here’s how they broke down my profile. I love how it is in percent of agreement. If only theology really were so quantifiable.

Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan – 79%; Emergent/Postmodern – 68%; Neo-orthodox – 57%; Fundamentalist – 46%; Charismatic/Pentecostal – 46%; Classical Liberal – 43%; Reformed Evangelical – 39%; Modern Liberal – 29%; Roman Catholic – 29%.

I love that someone took the time to put this quiz together. I often feel like I have inherited my theology from many streams. I have beliefs that put me squarely in the Fundy camp, some that are only OK if I am with Charismatics, and a few that are more acceptable in the Liberal world. I guess that is why I am trying to find my way in some “in between” world right now – still woven into the church as it is, but in the emergent church form. I still feel like such a failure that I didn’t keep “un-church” going, and that even now, as I consider organizing something during Advent, I’m plagued with self-doubt. Why hasn’t the pastor that I consider my mentor answered a recent email? It must be because I suck, right?

But, I do recognize that there is an aspect of this kind of self-doubt and fear that is wallowing in the “depravation” pool.

I mean really. Don’t I know that I’m a Wesleyan, for goodness sake, and that God’s grace enables me?

Maybe I should go take that quiz again.


4 Responses to But, did you know I was Wesleyan?

  1. shauna says:

    No surprise, I got 82% emergent/post modern. next was neo-orthodox, which you will have to explain to me:) here’s what was funny…next I am tied with modern liberal, charismatic/pentecostal and evangelical. boom boom boom. I think this explains why I have spent a lot of my life as a Christian feeling out of place in church:) although perhaps it is just a reflection of how God first called me where I could hear Him…in a theologically liberal, social justice based church. Because seriously…if I had gone to vcf right away…I might never have gone back. This is what I love about different churches, because God needs many ways to get people’s ear then their hearts.

    you don’t suck.

  2. Wesleyan ah! well I don’t know if you are a Wesleyan or not…but you have a friend who is a United Methodist Pastor….duh!!Asi es! Yo, me, mua!!….so even you have never step into a Methodist Church you have interacted with one…well at least through blogging. So what am I? This is me: What’s your theological worldview? You scored as a Emergent/Postmodern……¿por que?

  3. Megan says:

    Miguel! I totally forgot that you are Methodist. Perdoname. Well, my Methodist brother, I am happy to see that you are also Emergent/Postmodern, just like my friend Shauna. Three cheers for the theologically sound, Biblically based Emerginig church! And Wesley!

  4. Endlessly Rocking says:

    Megan, I’ve read through most of your posts so far, and I’m really excited about your blog. I’ve been blogging only for a couple of months, and so far most of my blogroll consists of crafting sites that my wife appreciates (and I think are pretty neat, too). Now, for the first time I think I can add a site that speaks to me, and that I could see myself reading regularly.

    I took the “Theological Worldview” quiz this evening, and although I think the results were a little clunky, it was a good experience for me. I posted about it, if you’re interested.

    Keep up the good work, and take care.

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