Fall colors – even in SoCal

The other day, my step-daughter, my husband and I went for a walk and collected some (non-native) leaves for decorating.

Martha they are not, but I still like them.

Here’s mine:

Fall leaves decoration

And here’s Bee’s:


In spite of the vagaries of SoCal weather (more fires already!), creation down here can be beautiful.

My step-daughter, who had a fabulous time on the second half of the walk, was whining about having to walk uphill at the beginning. Her dad and I told her she could either keep going or we could go home. That was the first time she ever said, “You’re a mean mom!” to me. She apologized (after paternal prompting) and was holding my hand and chatting about why leaves turn red three minutes later. Even though I knew something like this would (will) happen, it was still hard to hear.


5 Responses to Fall colors – even in SoCal

  1. shauna says:

    I know that must have been hard to hear, but really…its a good sign. I hate when progress in a relationship means pain. boo pain. hurray beer! (I will never get sick of that ad)

  2. blur-devil says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for dropping by! =P

    Do visit my blog more often ya!


  3. corisa says:

    yes, but she didn’t say, “you are a mean step-mom”! i think she likes you ;) oh and just wait until she turns into a teen!!!

  4. reallifeinsc says:

    It certainly must mean she is comfortable with you, to say such a hurtful thing! But hooray for the paternal prompting on the apology and obviously, she didn’t really feel that way or she wouldn’t have enjoyed your company during the rest of the walk! The decorations are lovely, btw!

  5. Carol Del says:

    I kept an arrangement of dried out weeds and wildflowers you put in a broken pottery pitcher for years. Amazing the things that keep us connected. I bet Bee’s decoration will remind you of a particular bump in the road for a long time. A reminder that you got over the bump!


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