Christmas on the wrong day

This year, it looks like because of scheduling issues, we’re going to have to have Christmas with the kids on the 23rd. I realize that I am an adult and that in the scope of things this is not that big of a deal, but I had this whole picture in my head about how things would go. . .and none of that picture involved the 23rd of December. Especially for the kid’s sake, it seems significant that things take place on the 25th and 24th. Sigh. I’m starting to feel like I’m one of those parents who has given into the North American Fetishization of Childhood & Parenting Disorder. But I will not succumb!!

I feel like I have a choice. I can stay pissed off about this, or I can grow up, set it down, and have a NICE TIME on the 23rd, The Eve of Christmas Eve. I’m working on it, people, I’m working on it.

I celebrate Christmas with relish each year. I love seeing all my ornaments that my parents bequeathed to me when I moved out. Some of them are over 30 years old. I love thinking about past Christmases, even Christmases that involve people I don’t know anymore. I couldn’t tell you WHY I love the whole THING of Christmas so much, I just do. Even before I was a person who followed Jesus I loved it.

In the past, Christmas was a time for enjoying family, friends, traditions and excessive amounts of baked goods, but it’s not that anymore. Or, rather, I should say, it’s not JUST that anymore (excessive amounts of baked goods are still crucial).

Now, Christmas is a time for me and my family to ponder what on earth God was doing having Jesus be born the way he was. The enormity of that event can surely outweigh the fact that Christmas will be on the 23rd this year.


Stay tuned for my next post: Toxic Ornaments. You’re gonna love it. Really. It involves me smashing things.


6 Responses to Christmas on the wrong day

  1. Wendy says:

    Keep the faith. Christmas anytime is a good thing!

  2. La Shawne says:

    Megan, you should have asked me about this:))))))) This is the first time in 17 years I don’t have to worry about are we having Christmas on the 23rd. Or is my stepson coming our here or is he going home on the 23rd. The first year is always the hardest. It will always feel funny but you will learn how to handle your feelings. I have faith in you:))) You guys know the true meaning of Christmas . So, the kids will enjoy Christmas no matter what day its on. Enjoy the time you have with the kids and eat lots of pie. Hey, come to my house on Christmas we will have lots of pie. Its not easy being a step-parent but you are a good one, Remember, God picked you and he only picks the ones he knows are up to the challenge of being a good step-parent.
    I hope this helps.

  3. sara says:

    have i ever told you that I’m the only one in my family who gets excited about decorating the tree every year? It’s embarrassing how excited I get to unwrap ornaments that I grew up with. I practically have to force my sister to hang one ornament…can’t you just picture the scene? maybe we both love decorating the tree so much because it’s one of the few rituals that still exists in our culture. anyway…I’m waiting for a post on NAFCPD!!

  4. Troy says:

    Well, I must confess that the older I get, the less I am excited about the “man-made” trappings associated with Christmas. Oh, yes, I still enjoy all the decorations inside and outside (after they are all up!). And I do enjoy giving gifts (but not receiving them like I did when I was young). For me, the Christmas “season” starts when I see the neighbors starting to decorate or when I hear rhe first Christmas Carol on the radio or TV. It lasts until the day after New Year’s Day when all the decorations start to come down. I still love going to the mall and watching the little ones pose with Santa. I think of “Christmas Day” being the morning when the children open their presents. I know that it represents a lot more than that but, hopefully, we can all place more importance on the event that Christmas represents than having all the peripherals occur at one time. I like the idea of spreading out the good times and good cheer over a wider span. I think the children won’t mind having more than one day when they get to open gifts! And, if you want to be selfish about it, it gives the adults a chance to see them concentrate on enjoying the gifts we give them instead of having to watch them go “ga-ga” over a gift that someone else gave them! As for the celebration of Christmas, I think that we should concentrate more treating it as a “Birthday Party”. And we all know that birthday parties can be planned anytime near– instead of on the actual date of one’s birth. When I get to be 2007 years old, I won’t care when people celebrate my birthday—just as long as they remember it!

    BTW, did you know that December 23 was Joseph Smith’s birthday?

  5. CJ says:

    I don’t care about the opening of gifts, so much, since we don’t have any “kids” here to watch but one year I decided not to put up the tree because of there not being any “kids” to enjoy it. And then on Christmas morning, I sobbed because the “kid” inside me still wanted to have that missing tree, presents or not. Ever since then, I can’t wait to put up the tree as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I heard somewhere that we don’t really know the actual date of Jesus’ birth so I guess it could be celebrated on any day of the year that we want to celebrate it. I like the idea of spreading out the celebration over an extended period of time. I had a friend tell me today that I must not get a Christmas now that I don’t eat the “goodies” but I cheerfully told her that I still get to have Christmas, just not the same kind of Christmas I used to have. No guilt, no regrets.

  6. reallifeinsc says:

    How hard it must be to have Christmas two days early! I love your attitude though, and maybe it helps to think about the idea that they (scholars) say that Jesus wasn’t even born in December, so technically we celebrate His birth not only the wrong day, but in the wrong month. Okay, it probably doesn’t make it any easier, but it is a thought! So what do you plan to do Christmas day (and Christmas eve?) Will you and hubby be able to do something meaningful and special? Perhaps you could start a tradition for the two of you!

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