Trusting God for Provision

Ever since I started seminary, lo those many years ago (2003), I’ve been trusting God (to the best of my ability) to provide for me. I have never gone hungry and I’ve always had somewhere to live. I didn’t always have enough to pay for car repairs, seminary tuition, dental work, vet bills, or fabulous shoes. So, I have debts – mainly school loans – and some credit card debt too. Often, my parents, who are very generous to me, helped me out. My best friend helped me enormously while I was in seminary by being my roommate and paying a larger share of our rent than I did. A boyfriend (and later, a husband) would put a spare $50 in my purse when I wasn’t looking. No doubt, God provided.

For the record, pre-seminary, I was the queen of living simply, with no debt. I didn’t make much money working in public schools or working as a chaplain, but it was sufficient.

I admit that I thought that God would provide abundantly while I was in school. After all, I was following his call, right? I thought I felt his hand had arranged things so that even though I wasn’t making much in the past, it was always enough. Besides, I would not have wanted to learn more about theology, Greek, Hebrew and all the rest of it if he hadn’t called me to teaching his Word. I feel like that sounds grandiose, like, oooohhh, he called me to this. . . I hope you know what I mean. It wasn’t like I wanted to go to seminary because I thought it sounded cool. I really thought it was what God wanted. Not that I think I have my finger on God’s pulse or anything.

I thought my faithfulness in following this call would mean that God would arrange things just-so. I would have part-time jobs that paid really well. Or maybe, you know, God would make me win the lottery. He he. Seriously, I know seminary was a good decision. But now I’ve got to figure out what to do. . .because. . .

The place that I interviewed with last week offered me a position. They would like me to teach on Sundays and Saturdays. If I accepted both of those days, it would be a nice chunk of extra money. However, if I did that, I would have no Sabbath day. It also means that I would see the kids even less than I already do, since I work every evening during the week except Friday.

So, I’m wondering: is this God giving me a chance to make more money – and providing this opportunity for me? Or is this another place where I should accept what I know I can reasonably handle (i.e. one weekend day of work) and trust God to provide for me in some other way?

Votes welcome.


4 Responses to Trusting God for Provision

  1. mdott922 says:

    It’s hard for me not to give advice here because 1) I tend to give too much advise sometimes and 2) I don’t really know you–I only just started reading your blog. That being said, I’ll try to explain my thought on this in a non-advicy way.

    It sounds like you are at one of those crossroads–if you watch The Amazing Race, it’s called a “detour”–two tasks, each with their own pros and cons. If it were me (that’s not advice!), I’d take a step back and look at what my priorities are and which “detour” best helps me meet my needs. If it was money that I really felt that I needed, then I would consider the job. If it was time for my family and my relationship with God–and this job would really hamper that–then I would think very hard before taking the job.

    There are many jobs in the world, but only one family and one God (oh my, that did sound like advice….sorry!)

  2. shauna says:

    I think you have decided about this, but I am reminded of the last time you had a job which left you with no Sabbath day. It wasn’t a good time, emotionally or spiritually. And already your kids are missing you when you are away. I’m not sure how you start to address the black hole in your financial situation right now. I’m praying for you guys, hoping for some creative, unexpected answer to drop from Heaven.

  3. Megan says:

    OMG Shauna. Black Hole. LOL. Only you could make a situation this sucky funny. This is ONE reason you are my BFF4E.

    And just FYI for everyone, I called the company and even though they told me they REALLY wanted me to do the Saturdays, I held firm and I’m just doing Sundays, so I’ll have Saturday as Sabbath day. We’ll see what else God does. At least this is a little more chedda each week. Groceries! (nobody ever told me how much children and husbands EAT!)

  4. missionseeker says:

    It is truely a blessing to put kids first when you can if you are a mom or a dad. Paying the bills tends to find you out if you don’t keep up. Right now my new car is my albatross of woe- payment, ins., gas, oil, two flat tires already. And yet it is a blessing considering the old car radiator blew up.

    Meg, definately it is important and special to answer God’s call. Trust His words. You are so right. The words He left us call us, first by His gospel. Then He commands and compels us to take His gospel to others, which can be spread in more than one medium. Some go one on one with God’s word and a friend, some teach their children, some tell the good news to a neighbor, some hope for an open door to gently tell a co-worker, about Jesus, some have a bible class, some do vbs. Some tell their parents the gospel and some win a husband. Some build up a brother or sister in their faith. Plant the seed, the word and some water, God gives the increase. From TV, internet, a blog, or a hospital bed, let His word be spoken. Trust in the Lord.

    One of my co-workers Xmas gifted me with a lunchbox. She gave one to all us girls in the office. Now we have no excuse for spending too much on restaurant food.
    Double batching and freezing meals can help us moms that work to stretch the budget and have something already in the fridge when we get home and are wiped out. It has worked for me. (Spaghetti, taco meat, chili, etc.) Bananas make a nice treat in the freezer. Place peeled fresh banana in plastic or special freezer paper, freeze the whole banana or chop it, then use wax paper to hold the frozen treat and it seems like you are eating banana ice cream. In Him, Mseeker

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