Follow-up to Golden Compass Post

Earlier this month, I did a post about the Golden Compass and Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.  I saw the movie this past weekend.  It was visually very pleasing – lots of good special effects for all the talking animals, great color palettes for all the different locations.  The film did seem to stick quite closely to the book.  I know that comparing films and books is notoriously unfair, as they are grossly different mediums, but. . . it did feel like something was missing in the movie.  The sense of urgency is there, but there was something a little stilted about it.  Some of the dialogue was so explanatory that it felt like you were getting a lecture in dialogue form.

Nevertheless, it was exponentially better than many kid movies I’ve seen in past years.  Because the main character is a little girl who bends the truth at times, it can invite discussions about what it means to tell the truth.  The actress who played Lyra was quite good, too.  She isn’t one of those cutesy kids, which is nice.

I only have one other thing to say.  It’s addressed to another actress in the film.  Uh, Nicole Kidman? I know we’ve never met, so I can’t imagine you’d take advice from me, but dang, sister.  Have a sandwich!  Your legs were so thin they looked like itty bitty twigs!

Wait, I lied.  There is one other thing I wanted to say.  I want to thank the commenters on the original post.  So often, as I troll around blogs, I am shocked at the stuff I read in the comments of other blogs. (Especially Christian blogs!)  But you, my fabulous commenters, were balanced and polite, even when you may have disagreed.  Thanks for being civilized.


4 Responses to Follow-up to Golden Compass Post

  1. Endlessly Rocking says:

    I read your original post today, and appreciated it very much. Would you care to comment further on the points of controversy that the novels and movie bring up? I haven’t read Pullman’s work or seen the movie, but I’m excited to. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.

    I am a (rather unorthodox) Christian — you might be interested in a post I put up recently,

    Thanks and be well.

  2. Megan says:

    hey er:
    as anyone who knows me will attest, I love talking, but I think I pretty much said my piece in my original post. :)

  3. Wendy says:

    I too read your original post today and was inspired by it. I am going to read the trilogy on your recommendation. Thank you.

  4. missionseeker says:

    Hey you’all, I posted to the original site regarding the Compass. So, if anyone is interested I recon you can back tract to the first post site. In response to this space, I have a question re: Nicole Kidman… has anyone seen her movie in the past where her character was overseas imprisoned in Thailand under false drug charges and slated for the death penalty and her lawyer becomes her friend and helps breaks her free? The name of the film was something like “Escape From The Bangkok Hilton” it was the first film I saw her in and it was an edge seater, one of the best I’ve seen for Ms. Kidman. Hmmm, false witness vs the truth, hey the films may have something in common? But, no one can top Tom Hanks, having to go to the bathroom in all his films, what about that Hanks fans?(Nicole has done that too.) Meg, you are so right to write that truth may indeed be the precipice we need to look at. I love how God leads us to truth, even Pilate brought up truth in verse 37 John 18. Thanks for the focus Meg, if the Lord is willing I will see this film.

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