Baseball, drugs, parenting, presents and giving it away

I love baseball. My best friend loves baseball. My husband loves baseball. My step-son loves baseball. Baseball is a beautiful sport.

Yesterday, Senator Mitchell’s report on the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball came out. The Mitchell report tells a story in detail, the broad strokes of which most of us already knew. Men in baseball use drugs to make themselves, as Kanye would say, “harder, better, stronger, faster.” The ever witty (and bitter) Dodger Blues has lots of funny things to say, as usual.

It bums me out that my very own culture and my favorite sport have created an environment where this kind of accepted cheating goes on. There is something in our culture that tells us “whatever the cost, get what you want.” I’m not saying we’re the first or the only culture to roll like this. Caligula and Nero didn’t live in a vacuum. But still. It’s a crappy and TOTALLY ungodly way to do life. I know, I know, a lot of those players who did that stuff probably have no relationship or knowledge of God.

The Mitchell report had its list, and my husband and I have ours:img_3137.jpg

Yes, those are the Christmas lists for Bee and the boy. And yes, the boy’s has a KEY to understand the priorities of the listed items. Good God. I know that kids are kids and that they angle for what they can get, not just at Christmas but every day. That’s the nature of kids. But I have to say, I started to feel kind of dirty that in my home live two more beings who are this into STUFF. Uh, cause I like STUFF too.

Slowly, slowly, Jesus is turning my heart into a heart that wants to give away a little more than it wants to get. Or that “gets to give to get to give” as John Wimber used to say. I know that I’ve only been in a position of any real influence on the kids’ lives for about six months, so they are just reflecting what their parents, freinds and culture have taught them. I’m hoping that Jesus rubs off on me more so that he can rub off on them some too.

When I read what Eugene Cho’s kid wanted to do with $100,000 (all of it altruistic, for those of you who don’t click through), it gave me a glimmer of hope. It is possible to raise kids that won’t keep writing lists like this, kids who could grow up to have the backbone to say “no, thanks” in a clubhouse where drugs were being offered. Maybe my step-kids can turn into adults who want to give away more than they want to get.

Maybe I can turn more into that adult too. Help me Jesus!


3 Responses to Baseball, drugs, parenting, presents and giving it away

  1. corisa says:

    more power to you, babe. it’s a tough world out there these days.

  2. shauna says:

    one of my favorite players (who is now dead due to his addictions) figured it was about 50/50 users to non-users. this made me sad, but was not a surprise given the competitive and greedy nature of the game and of our culture. I cried when he died, so much good heart and yet…so lost. someone said to me last week…we need a savior. indeed we do.

  3. missionseeker says:

    Growing up I loved baseball. Tigers! Oh Yeah, 1968 World Series Winners! Willie Horton, top home run hitter who had something like 40 home runs, made a public appearance at a nearby shopping mall. I convinced my parents to drive me there. It was so exciting being a kid to get in line and shake the hand of a Detroit Tigers baseball player. They passed out “free” photos of Willie, signed by Him. I was glad that I was there. I hope kids nowadays can still enjoy the fun of the game.

    Drugs mark up lives. Devastating too is driving by the old neighborhood in Detroit, just went by to see the park where I used to swing, and have some 12 year old try to approach the car to sell drugs. Get behind me Satan. I hope I can encourage my kids to keep away from drugs. We need bible addicts. Gotta get addicted to Godliness.

    Back when, softball was popular, 1975 and our ladies at church decided to form a league. It was my pleasure to join them. Now that I am minus one year from 50, I still miss their comradery. Now ladies bible studies give me much support and love for God’s word too. Sometimes when I need to keep my energy up serving the Lord, I remember how, even though I was not one of the home run hitters, being first batter was pretty darn important too (I hit one home run the entire stetch of the softball playing years, an inside the park ground ball that got thru them all.) (First year we had sliding rule, I broke my a bone on my foot, sliding into second base.) I hope that my kids find something wonderful to take part in like we had ( minus the injury of course).

    Speaking of kids, at Xmas, and now after, putting God first in front of the games (video games especially) is my chief concern. So the book of “Luke” came first today, chapter 4:40 thru 5:11. Part of our recent goal is to read the book of Luke. It is a real challenge, putting Him first at the holidays. Sighting the issue of actually giving more to Jesus than self is my biggest pulled heart string lately. Lord willing, we will look for ways to be more blessed and give God the time He deserves.

    Thanks for the blog, brings back memories, and forges new initiatives on the home front. Victory in Jesus. M.seeker

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