I’m back, from outer space. . . sanding tables

Dang.  It has been a long time since I posted anything.  I was visiting my parents, who don’t have the innerwebs at their house, and then I had a “cold,” if by “cold” you mean debilitating, life-sucking, depression-inducing, snotty virus.  Ugh.  I feel much better now.

When I got back from living abroad (almost three years in Africa and South America), one of the first things I bought with my “real job” funds was an old, round oak table.  I loved that table so much.  It is heavy and very farmhousey, very un-Pottery Barn.  After I’d had the table for a few years, I had an iron teapot that I used a lot, and I used to clumsily set it on the oak tabletop.  Woops.  This caused dozens of round, black stains from the iron pot.  After the first few, I was like, eh, who cares? I’ll sand it and re-finish it and it will look fine.  Uh.  That would be fine.  Except.  Except I said that to myself over and over again for SIX YEARS.  I took that table with me in no less than six moves in eight years, too.  I’m pretty sure that in the last six years I’ve had a few hours on  my hands that I could have been working on that table.

At last, yesterday, I got the sandpaper, the electric sander and my gumption and took the tabletop out to the garage.  It was so satisfying sanding away the past.  Also, I LOVE messy jobs, so it was fun getting all sandy and dirty.   And my husband helped!  I am used to being around men who, when it comes to projects like this, either a) take care of something for me or b) let me do whatever I want and leave me to it.  It was nice to work on it with someone for a change.

The tabletop still needs to be oiled and I guess it needs some polyeurathane (sp?) too.  It feels so amazing to actually have done something that I’ve been meaning to do for that long.  I am the world’s most fantastic procrastinator. Ever.  I rule the world of procrastination.

I hope this bodes well for 2008.  I hope 2008 is a year of doing things that I meant (or mean) to do, using far fewer of my many procrastination skills.

Pictures of the table to follow.


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