At the corner of my actual life

Life is weird. God is big. Strange things happen. You may end up standing at a corner, wondering how this is your life.

In 2000*, I signed up for a course to be trained in how to be a spiritual director. It was called Centerpoint. We met once a month and shared what God was doing in our lives and learned about how to listen to one another. It was a good group and it is where I met my bestest friend ever. (We didn’t exactly click while we were there, but that is another story.) The church where the group was held was an hour from where I lived at the time. It was in a town I had never heard of, San Marino. It was on the Northwest corner of two big streets. After that group, I never went back to San Marino and forgot all about it.

Fast forward seven years. I’m engaged to my husband and we were trying to find a good cake for our wedding. I didn’t want something boring and I didn’t want inedible fondant, so someone recommended a Chinese French bakery in San Marino. It was on the southwest corner, right across the street from where the church is. They did have taro cake (yum), but we decided against it. (Chinese French baked goods ain’t cheap, my friends.) I thought it was kind of weird that I ended up back on that same corner again.

Now, fast forward eight months from the cake incident. I have an interview with an academic enrichment center. Are you ready for this? It is on the northeast corner of that same intersection. Weird, weird, weird.

I stood there a few days ago, and looked at the church. And looked at the bakery. And looked at the academic center. This is my life. A weird, unexpected set of circumstances that brought me to each corner. These days, I feel like God has sort of forgotten about this daughter of His. I know that He hasn’t, but that is how it feels. I stood at that corner and nearly cried. What am I doing with my life? Church, bakery, academics, spiritual direction, wedding, SAT tutoring. . . Lord Jesus, help this girl out. Help me to see what path you want me to lay down to walk to that fourth corner. Cause I ain’t got NO clue, Rabbi.

*Bwana: is that right? Or was it 2001?


9 Responses to At the corner of my actual life

  1. missionseeker says:

    Hey Megan, Find the contentment and meaning in your every move. It is true that the Lord moves in mysterious ways and coincidences can be used to build into a purpose that God can use. God has will in small corners. And because you stood there once again it may not necessaily be point free. It is all in how you embrace grace. God is in control and will place you where he wants you. Our Lord Jesus was in the right place at the right time and did whatever Gods will was for that time and that moment. Even the first miracle was posed in time between Jesus saying, Woman,mine hour is not yet come, and soon His voice made the propelling force to command the water pots be filled to the brim. I hope that the Lord reveals his needs for you to serve him as you go, and seek His will in even the small , weird things. God is amazing. He can place a bible in a hand, a laptop in a bedroom, and a bible study in a flip chart box. He reveals his wisdom daily. I don’t think God forgot about you, He is in the right place, look for Him. God is responsible for us and has supplied us all things we need for life and godliness. Hey, you want to come to Michigan, it’s kinda cold here????? In the spirit of Love, Mel

  2. shauna says:

    I think it was 2001…but wouldn’t bet money or anything like that. A loooooong time ago:) its a good thing we ended up talking during that party (remember that house!) during the last class…or really, where would we be….aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh


  3. Muchas gracias también a ti por tus comentarios, yo soy un fan de tus escritos. I started to write bilingually because I want also to start sharing with those who speak my language. Que tengas una bonita semana….a fellow minister

  4. namesake says:

    Megan, thanks for the comment. I just happened upon the link to your site on the wordpress home page, and immediately appreciated your perspective. Your prayer, above, “Lord Jesus, help this girl out . . .” hits home. My 12-year-old has been reading ragamuffin prayers. I just noticed an entry in his journal referring to a prayer from that book: “Dear Lord, Hi. I’m crazy. Please send help soon.” Reminds me of yours, and similar words I’ve spoken many times myself. I bet it’s at least as effective as the typical blah, blah stuff. By the way, I’m always praying for God to show me the way, but when I can think of it objectively, I’d almost rather not know the way. I’d rather just follow him in the way, so I can’t second-guess the route. Thanks!

  5. corisa says:

    so strange! my question is, what’s on the fourth corner?!?!

  6. CJ says:

    I would be inclined to go back a see what is on the Southeast corner, too! These strange coincidences are what I call “God-cidences.” It’s was one of the things that made James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy and the Tenth Insight such popular books. Even though they are fictional stories, he uses those things that many of us actually experience to weave the Spiritual Truths of compassion, forgiveness, awareness, etc. into exciting novels.

  7. CJ says:

    I just learned something new I’d never heard before.
    “The best way to find out what is God’s will for me today is to start with what I “know” isn’t His will for me today.” I’m becoming a list maker simply because I forget things so easily so maybe starting with something I know isn’t God’s will for me is a place for me to focus my attention so I can get some clear direction in my life.

  8. CJ says:

    I seem to have a need to clarify what I meant in the above comment. I only “know” it isn’t God’s will for me to do destructive things to myself or others today.

  9. reallifeinsc says:

    I thought I posted on this one a while ago, but apparently not. (Sorry). I know I read it already! Anyway, I pray that as you keep seeking the Lord for direction that you have peace in knowing that He works all things according to His will, and let’s not forget the ministries you are involved in that are often forgotten or overlooked and taken for granted as “a job” or “responsibility”. Your ministry to your children is one of the most important you could be involved in, especially considering the circumstances they are in. You are raising the future and God knows we need more people loving and serving Him and continuing to shine His light in the world! You have a ministry to your husband also, and I’m sure you are such a blessing to him! Each person you run into, is an opportunity to be involved in ministry. Look at the example Jesus left for us, His most important ministry involved interacting and loving people he just happened to come into contact with. So when you are tutoring, or grocery shopping, or talking to one of your kids’ friends’ parents, keep that in mind. You are involved in ministry and you are living a great part of your calling! I do have one other thought. You are certainly not forgotten, although it often feels that way when God is silent and we want an answer or His direction (or just an open door for us to go through)! But I think that sometimes God doesn’t answer right away because He just wants us to be still and know that He is God. I know for me, I often analyze and try to figure out everything, so sometimes I get that silence, and it has taken me a while to learn that (okay, I’m still learning) I need to just let Him be God and wait on Him, knowing that He is the one who has the plans for me and I just need to let Him make them happen! I’m not saying not to continue seeking or applying for positions, I’m just saying to walk in peace, knowing that no matter what happens, His plan for your life is not going to fail and you are not missing out because you are waiting on Him to open the right door(s). He hears your hearts’ cry! I do think it’s cool and very significant how you’ve ended up on all four corners. I’m almost positive God is going to use those four corners in a big way. Who knows, maybe you’ll be preaching about those four corners one day or maybe it will turn into a modern day parable you will include in a book. I’m looking forward to find out! ;) Okay, I’m sorry for such a long comment, but I’ve been thinking about it for the last couple of days and didn’t want to leave anything out! ;)

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