The lion and the lamb . . .

The picture painted in Revelation and other books of prophecy are pretty lavish in their descriptions of how fabulous things are.

You know, the child will put his hand on the nest of the adder,

the lion will lay down with the lamb . . .

All that stuff.

Apparently, Bunkis and BBC have been hitting the Scripture bong again, and are enacting their version of the lion and the lamb.



5 Responses to The lion and the lamb . . .

  1. shauna says:

    oh email me that photo! I want to put it on my desk at work:) Scripture bong…hahahaha

  2. shauna says:

    p.s. I think the cat loves the dog. really. in that weird way he loves people and things. cat is a freak!

  3. corisa says:

    ooooo, too cute!

  4. reallifeinsc says:

    That’s just too cute!

  5. Carol Del says:

    And to think a year ago that cat wouldn’t deign to even come inside much less be close and cuddly (?) with any living creature.

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