Home Ec – refinishing the table

In the spirit of actually doing what I said I would do – here is a picture of the oak table before I refinished it.


Yeah, nobody can mess a table up like me! Please note the huge, black iron stains from the iron teapot.

Now, here it is today, in all its refinished glory:


I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I decided not to use any polyeurathane, in spite of my husband’s urgings that I do so. That crap is toxic, y’all! So, I just used some all natural wax on it after I sanded it. I know the color is not perfectly even, but it is good enough.  Good enough!  I love not striving for perfection in stuff like this anymore.  I’m trying to save my striving for things that are slightly more important than oak tables.


5 Responses to Home Ec – refinishing the table

  1. corisa says:

    thanks for the before and after pics! looks beautiful. you should be proud of yourself, sometimes it’s the things that seem the most trivial that are the most important.

  2. Endlessly Rocking says:

    Great job! I note, too, the OED on your side table. Clearly a very cultured household.

  3. reallifeinsc says:

    Wow. Good job!

  4. reallifeinsc says:

    P.S. Keep the tea pot off of it! ;)~ j/k!

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