Me and my Tracy Lord, Bryn Mawr self

Recently, I applied for a very part-time job at a church.  Don’t ask me why.  OK. Ask me why.

Why, you ask?

Well, several reasons.  The job looked like something that wouldn’t involve any damn church meetings.  Also, I apparently suck at “church planting” or “emerging church” stuff at the moment.  In addition, church jobs involve something really cool that the God-stuff I’ve been investing my time in lately does not: dinero.

And dinero is something we lack around here, people.

This job application requested that I provide them with a recording (in any format) of me preaching.  Game on.  I love to preach.  So, I recorded myself preaching using Garage Band.  When I played it back, the voice that came back to me was totally familiar – I knew it was me.  The surprise was my diction, my elocution.  Good Lord.  I sound like I just left Bryn Mawr.  I sound like Tracy Lord.   I sound like I wear pearls to bed, like I went to Sidwell Friends, like my mother is friends with Martha Stewart.  I sound like I can afford to shop at Dean & Deluca for dinner.  My speaking cracked me up.  I have never heard anyone speak like that from a pulpit.  Ever.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to upload it to a website somewhere so other people can hear what it sounds like when a Bryn Mawr girl turns Evangelical.   However, I am not so savvy with the tekkie things.  I will keep trying, because the world deserves to hear something that funny.   The sermon isn’t bad, either.

It is funny when I learn something like this about myself.  I love the illumination.  I love knowing what I sound like.   I also don’t mind that I sound like a blue-stocking who found Jesus.  I am so much less critical of myself (in some ways) these days.  It is genuinely interesting to me.  My best friend did mention that my smarty-pants diction combined with a little nervousness can make me sound a little uptight sometimes when I preach, and that was good to know too.  Learning to relax in my preaching will be a good journey.  But my diction just is what it is.


Megan Tracy Lord, Bryn Mawr ’94


3 Responses to Me and my Tracy Lord, Bryn Mawr self

  1. Endlessly Rocking says:

    I remember that one of my first big embarrassments was hearing my own voice on the little tape recorder my sisters and I used to play with. It absolutely mortified me. Now it’s not such a big deal — in fact, I just got done listening to several hours of interviews that I conducted for my job, in a law-enforcement sort of setting, and I found that I’m actually a little bit impressed with myself, with the way I carry myself in an interview. A new cause for embarrassment!

    I think there are several options for uploading audio files to the Internet so you can link to them in your blog, although I don’t know which option to recommend. You might do a Google search for “free file hosting.” (Actually, now that I think of it, WordPress has a good widget that you can use — file sharing. I use it on my site.)

  2. corisa says:

    you should ask victoria how to upload it. i’d love to hear it!

  3. Victoria Bernal says:

    i’d love to hear it too! I use Liberated Syndication ( – it’s not free, but it’s only about $5 a month. Through Garage Band, I “Share” my original audio edit into iTunes. This turns the audio into an MP3 file that can be emailed/uploaded/whatever. I then upload to LibSyn and post the link to my blog.

    Here’s an example, featuring the wonderful Corisa :)

    How long is the recording? If it’s 5-10 minutes, you can email me the MP3 file, and I’ll uploaded to my account (i have some space available).. let me know if you need more help! :)

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