Tasha the dog spins around and around and. . .

I’ve written before about how my dog is uber-old, has horrible arthritis, bone spurs and a brain tumor. She’s been doing this thing for the past few years where she spins endlessly before she can manage to lay down. When she was younger, she would spin two or three times and plop down. My step-son counted fourteen spins the other day.

She was slowly spinning on her rug behind my computer a few days ago, and I took some pictures for posterity. She stops mid-spin sometimes and just stares into space. I think her doggie dementia must kick in while she’s spinning. She looks exactly like a person who has walked into the kitchen but has NO idea why they are there.

Here she is, frozen in mid-spin:


I think she forgets how many times she’s turned around, so she has to start over.

Sometimes I wonder if God looks at me and sees the same pattern. Spinning, spinning, forgetting, spinning . . .


2 Responses to Tasha the dog spins around and around and. . .

  1. Megan,

    Solo quiero decirte que disfruto mucho leer lo que escribes. Me gusta porque piensas muy diferente y tambien me haces reir. Me gusta tu manera de ver la vida, la familia y aun la iglesia. Yo siempre le platico a Paula (mi esposa) acerca de lo que escribes. Gracias por tus palbras….

    Respirando de Él


  2. Vet girl says:

    I was google searching brain tumours in geriatric dogs when I came across your page. Just so you know compulsive behavior (spinning much??) can be caused by brain tumours.

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