Samson married a philistine; didn’t work out so great

However, I am adding a Samson to my life and hoping that no one ever asks us to betray one another; and that nobody winds up dead in a pile of temple rubble.

Here he is, my big, strong boy:

70 pound puppy

70 pound puppy

I’ve never had a dog like this before.  One, he is very puppy-like and goofy.  Two, he is huge (for me) and very strong.  Third, he has no manners whatsoever at this point.  However, I am pretty much enamorada, even though I know he is going to mean some serious work for me and the family.

Look at that face!
We had our first meeting with a trainer today, she gave us several good pointers and some homework.  Since he doesn’t even have the most basic concept of how to walk on a leash, it’s going to be a long haul, I’m sure.  I’ll keep you updated.

BBC is pissed as hell.  He has decided that we have lost our collective minds and have allowed a monster into his home.  Talk about no manners.  BBC has been like the anti-welcome wagon; hiss-hiss, growl, halloween cat nonsense.
Since I am home alone again – even G-Wiz has left me to go to Costa Rica to work on her Spanish – I’m glad for some canine company, ill-mannered as it may be for now.  Plus, he does this extra cute thing all the time where he lays flat on his back.  I’ll post a picture of it soon.


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  1. hey friend how are you? how is that Journey en Cristo?

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