Sick children are just so much fun

Aren’t they? Bee (7) is home with the flu, and she is unbelievably cantankerous.  She’s even tried to pick fights with everyone. It is simultaneously funny and enervating. It’s hard, because I genuinely feel bad for her, she has a fever and doesn’t feel well. But then there are moments like last night when we had to give her medicine. It was as if we were going to do an amputation with no anaesthetic. And we pulled out ALL the tricks, including a spoon-full of cinnamon sugar after the medicine. Still, some of it ended up on her neck, the floor and her shirt. Nice.

It makes me wonder how people with a passel of kids deal with this. I remember I used to read a blog of a mom with seven or eight kids, and they were incessantly ill. I guess those parents must develop parenting limbs that we don’t have to. Get well soon Bee!


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