The former seminarian

I’m Megan. . .I went to seminary, knowing that was where I needed to be. When I graduated with a masters in theology and Biblical studies, I was excited to see what God would do with me.

After I graduated, I applied to more ministry positions than you can shake a stick at. . . and none of them were a fit. After about nine months in the search, I decided to stop looking for something that (evidently) wasn’t out there. I was no longer excited. But I was sure God was in it SOMEHOW. I just couldn’t see it.

This blog is me walking out my vocational mysteries in front of God and everybody. It is also a place to share about my walk with my uphill family – I have two wonderful step-kids, Bee (7) and Vino (12), and I’m married to D.  I have a Badly Behaved Cat whose name is BBC. I had the best dog ever; Tasha the dog, but she passed away in May 2008.


4 Responses to The former seminarian

  1. Mom says:

    First time I’ve read e-mail in more than a week and the first time I really enjoyed reading since bugs took over a few weeks ago. This is really fun..

    I am printing it all out for Greg and Aunt Jane. Bob’s going to love the fish story. Will withhold details on Tasha.

    Will read sermon with her one of these days when I can stay awake!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Kim says:

    hi Megan, I sort of stumbled across your blog … I feel your bewilderment. I majored in church music and graduated with a bachelor’s in 1985, worked in a church for a couple of years B.K. (before kids) but decided YUK! I DO NOT like being on a church staff full time. I never want to know that much about the church’s inner workings again.

    Lots of stuff happened in between and now I have my masters in clinical psych and am getting my doctorate. I love psychotherapy. It is pastoring and it fits what I thought I was doing when I was preparing for “church work” a long time ago.

    Somehow between then and now my idea of ministry has moved from the church to the world. I still GO to church, but that’s where my batteries get recharged so I can do ministry in my work. And my husband’s a physician and feels pretty much the same.

    Hang in there. God will continue to unfold your life in His perfect way … and unfold and unfold and unfold! I’ve observed He never works the way we expect Him to.

  3. HI Megan,

    I am glad that you left a comment on my site. I understand how frustrating it can be to feel called to seminary and then not have a way to walk out the call. It seems like the world hasn’t yet caught onto what God has already blessed…..
    I am starting something called Missio Lux, mission of light, with the intent to free ministry from the hands of the “professionals” and put it into the “People of God.” It feels very urgent to free the church up for “such a time as this.”

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